AlanceSec analyses the organizations testing needs of internal network, external network, and application layers and provide effective solution for risks and vulnerabilities.

AlanceSec uses automated network VAPT scanning tool to perform automated scans on Network VAPT. Network VAPT, is an assessment procedure conducted by cyber security experts on your network to find vulnerabilities, which can be used by attackers to exploit and get access of your network.

With the help of Network VAPT service, the networks of the corporate houses can be scanned and tested to check the loopholes in the network security.

Network security testing is important to protect their online property. Most of the attacks being internal, it is imperative to scan the networks periodically and fix the loopholes.

Our cyber security experts tests your internal and external networks. Most of the network attacks take place because of weak internal and external networks. We make sure your network vulnerabilities is taken care off.



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