Web Application VAPT

AlanceSec can help you to keep your business secured online. We can test your web applications and offer you the best possible security solution to keep your website secured.

Top vulnerability checks:
1. Injection flaws
2. Broken authentication and session management issues
3. Sensitive Data Exposure
4. Cross site request forgery
5. Security misconfiguration issues
6. Cross-Site Scripting
7. Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities
8. XML External Entities (XXE)
9. Server Site Request Forgery
10. Insufficient logging and Monitoring

Network VAPT

AlanceSec analyses the organizations testing needs of internal network, external network, and application layers and provide effective solution for risks and vulnerabilities.

  • Network reconnaissance : first phase of testing for an external attacker, these will be the primary targets to be attacked.
  • Mail server testing : mail servers can be potential attack targets, and need to be thoroughly tested.
    1. Testing the mail server for open relay
    2. Unpatched smtp servers
    3. Presence of default ids
    4. Web-based email access, and vulnerabilities
  • identification of services : the open ports have been enumerated, it is important to determine the services that are keeping those ports open.

Mobile Application VAPT

At AlanceSec, we make sure that your app is secured and have no cyber security related issues. Tests are conducted through various modes, automated scanning with the help of tools and manual penetration testing.

Top 10 Vulnerability Assesment checks
1. Improper platform usage
2. Insecure data storage
3. Insecure communication
4. Insecure authentication
5. Insufficient cryptography
6. Insecure authorization
7. Poor code quality
8. Code tampering
9. Reverse engineering
10. Extraneous functionality

Red Teaming

A red team is a team that helps organisations to improve themselves by providing opposition to the point of view of the organisation that they are helping and red teaming is total ethical hacking based on Vulnerability Assessment.
A red teaming ethical hacking test uses a collection of techniques to test every aspect of your business networks and supporting systems and processes. We’ll help you identify loopholes in your business networks, web applications and mobile applications

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At AlanceSec we also provide cyber security training. The courses that we offer are completely hands on courses.

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